Friday, April 29, 2011

Dance Party Friday! British Version

Oh come on, you know I had to, right? Here are some songs by some of my favorite Brits. Forgive me if I've played them for DPF already.

From my favorite album of theirs, Sgt. Pepper's

Listen to this song in the dark. Very, very loud. Just lay down and let it wash over you.

Leave the lights off but get up and rock out to this one. Do the wop.


If we're facebook friends, you know I post this just about once a week. It never gets old.

George Michael makes great dance music but I highly, highly recommend you check out his album, "Listen Without Prejudice". A departure from the Wham! sound, really good stuff.

Like I said - amazing album. People really shouldn't cover Stevie but this is an amazing, amazing version. If you turned your lights on, turn them back off and listen to this. You can lay down or maybe just stand there and sway.

Ok, so Glen Hansard is Irish but Market Irglova is from the Czech Republic. Still. Amazing song. Sounds tame at first but then they kill everything. Listen loud. I keep saying that, don't I?

I can't say Hot Chip is a favorite band of mine - I only know this song - but this is the bomb. Give it a chance and let it grow on you. You'll be surprised at how much you like it.

Love this band that just kept going!

Top 5 band. Love them so. Not a fan of Sting solo, though.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Don't worry. I won't tell Morrissey that you're happy.

Not my very favorite by them (I know I've posted it like 37 times - Gangsters) but great nonetheless. Stop your messing around!

Fell in love with this band in jr. high through a friend, lost them and found them again in college. Never lost them again.

What can I say? All around great pop. Such great songwriters!! Don't think you remember this song - listen to it again, really listen to all of it.

Oh, Fran. *jr high crush sigh*

It's really spelled Elenore, but this recording is good. Listen to it loud and sing along.

From their very best album, War.

Who did I forget?

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Lauren said...

Love the Police!!

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