Friday, April 29, 2011

What’s wrong with FUN every once in a while?

Maaawwwage . . . is wot bwings us tooogevvah today. Wuv . . . TWOO WUV.

So, about this whole Royal Wedding bizness. A lot of people have been talking about it recently. In real life and online, I see person after person getting upset and complaining about all the attention being paid to this event. Yes, some people are taking it too far. Yes, however much has been spent on it is ridiculous (and I’m a big fan of focusing on the marriage more than the wedding and going simple – my entire wedding cost less than $1K and 70% of it was the food at the reception). Yes, (insert various statements about the outdated monarchy and spectacle and wars/poverty/serious issues that should be our focus). Yes, yes, yes.

However! If you think paying attention to the Royal Wedding is completely stupid, enough that you are going to Tweet, Facebook, blog, email or face-to-face talk shit about it . . . I’m gonna need you to ALSO stop talking about:

Real Housewives of (insert locale here), Oprah, The Super Bowl, NCAA basketball tourneys, The Bachelor, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Office, Twilight, Harry Potter, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Any Major Box Office Movie, Any Major Concert, Anything on E!, Bravo, MTV, Vh1, BET, ESPN, Trashy Novels, Jon & Kate, OctoMom, The Hills, America’s Next Top Model, and so on.

If you still want to talk about those things? On a weekly basis? Then you really need to stop talking shit on people who have been entertained by Royal Wedding madness. Because that’s what it ALL is. It’s ALL over-the-top, stupid expensive, priorities-in-the-wrong-place-you-could-be-doing-something-more-productive-with-your-time ENTERTAINMENT.

I don’t care if you think the Royal Wedding is completely stupid, that doesn’t bother me. I promise you, I’ve been having fun tweeting silly stuff with the #TinfoilTiaraBrigade, but the Royal Wedding means nothing in the grand scheme of my life. What bothers me is that every single person that I have heard moaning about the Royal Wedding also spends a significant amount of time - on a regular basis - being ENTERTAINED by the various things in that list above. So why is their shallow, expensive, mind-numbing crap any better than my shallow, expensive, mind-numbing crap?

At least my shallow, expensive, mind-numbing crap has insanely gorgeous architecture!

Westminster Abbey, y’all.

Watch the first few seconds of this video to see the BEAUTIFUL way they decked out the inside of Westminster Abbey with TREES!! The whole video shows amazingl shot after shot. Here are a few stills I pulled from that video:

And crazy-ass hats! Note Fergie’s daughter in the first row of people standing, in the pale pink, with the Medusa joint on top of her head.

AP Photo from here.

So – chill. It’s pretty, sparkly fun. You like your pretty sparkly fun, too. You know you do.


Kel said...

hahahaha TOTALLY!! I was hoping for that!!

Sarah said...

I love the millinery work and the dress. I love to see true artistry being celebrated, and artists being paid for their craft. But I also like to think about how many world problems can be solved by eliminating one piece of the wedding, or scaling one thing back to a more real world level.

Ashley said...

Sarah - I agree. Definitely, my point isn't that the Royal Wedding is deserving of the ridiculous amount of money that has been spent on pulling it off, advertising it, etc. I think it would be a wonderful example of the royals to say, "let's put our money into those in our country and/or world who are suffering".

My point really is to say that I don't know anyone complaining about the wedding who doesn't *also* indulge in forms of entertainment that costs crazy money and adds little value to anyone's life.

I'll gladly listen to the complaint of someone who doesn't spend their year talking about The Bachelor. ;)

BB Goad said...

Well said, Ashley. I agree with you. I am excited to watch the recorded version of the wedding this weekend and have a cup of tea :) Cheers!

eNVe said...

WERD UP, sista friend!

renee! said...

this morning I was going on about that dress because OMG. And I was relaying to Matt the workmanship that went into the detail, stitching, lace appliqué, etc.
He starts asking how much was spent making the dress and how many mouths could have been fed with that money.
And i retorted "How many volunteer hours have you wasted 'questing' [in his computer games]? How many soup bowls could you have filled with that time? How many orphaned babies could you have rocked to sleep?"

Actions speak louder than words, yo.

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