Friday, April 22, 2011

Dance Party Friday! GIRL GROUPS Edition

The other day something made me think of Danity Kane, the defunct Making The Band girl group. Man, I don't know if I can express how much I loved every season of that freaking show. And I mean going all the way back to when it was on ABC and those O-Town fools were on it. And yes, I watched the Ashley Angel show on MTV that one season too. But Dan from O-Town was my favorite, I loved his electronic-ish voice and dude could DANCE.

But I digress . . .

Anyway - today's Dance Party Friday is gonna be devoted to Girl Groups. I'm taking requests, too.

Of course, kicking off the party, none other than DK:

Not a dance track, but their best.

Oh Lawd. This is making me thinkg of Xscape, Aaliyah . . . I can see I'm gonna have to do a lotta themes in the future to capture all this great music.

This song stands on its own, but tell me you didn't fall in love with Hugh Grant a little bit as he rocked out to it in Love, Actually. Tell me you didn't.

This song is so melancholy and wistful. Sigh. I love it.

Ok, just ignore Common and focus on Eryka Badu/Jill Scott. They KILL. And get this DVD if you don't have it yet.

My favorite song by one of my top 5 favorite groups. Hope to see them live again soon! Singalongs at their concerts are better than any other, anywhere! IG fans, you know it's true.

More sighs. Love this song.

Good two-stepping song. I miss two-stepping!!

Ok, I know this is an obvious choice for this group, but it's such a dang good song! And this was THE skating rink song in the 4th grade and I was just talking to someone about going skating, and I saw them perform this live last summer SO I'M POSTING IT!

Man, I was a big fan of this group. Up until No Scrubs.

First request! It came with a slap on the hand for forgetting this group. ;)

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