Friday, April 15, 2011

Dance Party Friday! TRL Version

I'm taking requests for today's Dance Party - what kind should I throw?

Quick story: I was a little girl at a church skating party and I wanted to request a song. The DJ booth was way high up so my dad lifted me up to talk to the DJ. I told him I wanted to hear, "Like A Virgin" by Madonna, and the DJ laughed and told me he'd get fired if he played that.

Started young, folks. My dad likes to tell that story.

Ok . . . tell me what you wanna hear!! Specific artist, genre, songs about certain things . . . what?

First official request comes from Darlene - @DoBatsEatCats on Twitter, and one of my Chicago Style Crafters team members in Etsy. She asked for goth/industrial. I don't have a lot of that up my sleeve, but I do remember LOVING Depeche Mode's "Stripped" from the "Say Anything" soundtrack. I always love when the drums jump in about halfway through the song.

Who's next?

Looks like it'll be co-worker M via co-worker K - K knows M likes ska (does K know I like ska too?) so K suggested ska for M, though I have already asked M to weigh in and M is ignoring me! (not cool)

As you can see in the comments to this video, though this song has been often credited to both the Specials and the Clash, it's actually someone else's song that was the B side of an old Clash/Specials record.

Next on the playlist . . . YOUR SONG! What will it be?

Co-worker M has come out of hiding and asked for some Prince, specifically this song:

Prince decided he's not playing for Shirts OR Blouses in this video!

Who's up?

Co-workers are now passing TGIF videos around. First?

That's not my . . . name.

The very serious conference attendees who are taking a break in the hallway outside my office enjoyed this one passed on by another co-worker:

I am nothing if not professional.

My co-workers continue to provide gems for this dance party!!

Not Gonna Lie, I wanted this video. Not ashamed. Ok, kinda.

Teach me how to Kevie, teach me, teach me how to Kevie

I really encourage you all to watch The Wire. Really.

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